She’s Cute but Psycho 

Ok so what is it with the word psycho being thrown around? Do people actually know what it means? 
Psychopath means you are mentally unstable and have abnormal or violent social behaviour. There is a huge difference between literally being psycho and just reacting to the situation/caring. 

Apparently if girls act the tiniest bit crazy they are quickly branded a psycho? But forgive me if I’m wrong but if you got cheated on, you don’t know what the fuck is going on or any reasonable situation why shouldn’t you be allowed to react to that?!! Why do boys expect you to roll over and accept it and say omg thank you for cheating on me then act shocked when this doesn’t happen and you act like a “psycho”. There is always a cause from actions so why shouldn’t they receive some grief instead of getting away with it. 

“Guys are quick to call us crazy or psycho but forget it is their actions that made us psycho” 

If you have an issue you should be allowed to voice it. I’m pretty sure “psycho behaviour” is caused from a lack of communication built up from jealousy, paranoia and anxiety… which usually is a result of the other person making you feel insecure for any reason. If you are nourishing that person instead or just honest then it wouldn’t cause over thinking and escalate situations. Don’t let anyone turn their shitty actions into making you feel bad about REACTING (being psycho in some people’s eyes), if it effected you then your reaction is valid.

When did a valid reaction from showing you have emotions turn into suffering from a chronic mental disorder? Don’t get me wrong I love the word psycho and as a generation we do overly use it but maybe we need to start taking away all the negative connotations that go with it and actually use it as a word of empowerment. 

New meaning – you don’t stand for shit. 

Yeah she’s cute but psycho… actually she is cute and knows her worth. 


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